Lovely to go back to my childhood home for a few days... with family, salt marshes, bitter winds from Siberia, and…

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RT : Read this clear explanation on why a minimum wage is an important step in changing the economics in professional sports…

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Oh go on then... . My baby sister is clearly a “good” (toughening) influence! #toughenup #characterbuilding…

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Emma Pooley

Old winter bike on old turbo

Date 20/01/2018
Distance 0km
Time 1:43:26
Elevation 0m

Childhood haunts

Date 18/01/2018
Distance 21km
Time 1:46:00
Pace 5.20/km

Back in the pool

Date 17/01/2018
Distance 2,000m
Time 45:00
Pace 2.15/100m


Announcement - New partnership with

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European Duathlon Championships

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Ventouxman Triathlon: the midget of Norfolk meets the giant of Provence

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