And I was only 12 when he was born so this is actually quite a creepily disgusting thing to say.…

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Love the descents here

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I came to Sardinia to run with #teamsalomonswitzerland but a grumpy quad has scuppered that plan. So what does an i…

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Emma Pooley

Morning joy

Date 25/04/2019
Distance 10.2km
Time 57:41
Pace 5.40/km

The long way home

Date 24/04/2019
Distance 19km
Time 58:23
Elevation 631m

The quick way to work

Date 24/04/2019
Distance 11.8km
Time 23:12
Elevation 69m


Emma joins the Global Cycling Network as presenter

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Ventouxman Triathlon: the midget of Norfolk meets the giant of Provence

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Off-season high jinks

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