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3 hours ago

Sole photographic evidence from today’s ride. Too busy desperately hanging onto the wheels to take photos. Thank go…

18 hours ago


Emma Pooley

Klausen - Pragel - Ibergeregg

Date 24/06/2018
Distance 201.6km
Time 8:47:26
Elevation 4,419m

ZZP + Ibergeregg + coffee

Date 23/06/2018
Distance 160.7km
Time 6:01:12
Elevation 1,968m

Home from the pool

Date 22/06/2018
Distance 20km
Time 52:22
Elevation 303m


Emma joins the Global Cycling Network as presenter

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Ventouxman Triathlon: the midget of Norfolk meets the giant of Provence

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Off-season high jinks

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