Sadly not - was in Bristol! Next time a spin for sure. I might need an…

4 days ago

PB from back in the day... I don’t know. Sin…

4 days ago

Sorry, I think for a guarantee we would have to do a double blind controlled experiment. But I do thi…

4 days ago


Emma Pooley

Epic ride + groad explore fail + dark ride back

Date 20/04/2018
Distance 222.7km
Time 9:24:05
Elevation 3,531m

Lunch Ride

Date 19/04/2018
Distance 78.1km
Time 3:17:55
Elevation 898m

2 coffee recovery spin

Date 18/04/2018
Distance 48.4km
Time 2:24:40
Elevation 381m


Emma joins the Global Cycling Network as presenter

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Ventouxman Triathlon: the midget of Norfolk meets the giant of Provence

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Off-season high jinks

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