Yes. Climbers’ paradise! Come along next year and we can chat bikes

1 day ago

Dämmerung is a lovely word #ridinghome #dusk #daemmerung #nofilter #chasingthesunset

3 days ago

See you on a group ride some day for a chat then! ;-)

6 days ago


Emma Pooley

Afternoon Ride

Date 13/12/2017
Distance 8.4km
Time 26:07
Elevation 65m

Swim - spin - NGI

Date 13/12/2017
Distance 28.8km
Time 1:27:12
Elevation 283m

Evening run

Date 12/12/2017
Distance 10km
Time 49:48
Pace 4.59/km


Announcement - New partnership with

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European Duathlon Championships

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Ventouxman Triathlon: the midget of Norfolk meets the giant of Provence

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