Emma joins the Global Cycling Network as presenter

Emma joins the Global Cycling Network as presenter

GCN is part of Play Sports Network: the world's leading creator of cycling digital video distributed on YouTube and Facebook. Emma will be joining the current GCN team consisting of Simon Richardson, Dan Lloyd, Matt Stephens, Jon Cannings, and Tom Last. She will be involved in all things GCN including racing news and reports, training tips, 'how-to' guides', pro bike checks and bike tech.

Emma said:"It's wonderful to have the chance to join the fantastic team at GCN, who do such great work bringing cycling to a wider audience. I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences of the sport with GCN's viewers, using my background in engineering to discuss technology, and creating some exciting content this season. I'm incredibly lucky to have had a career in sport, and to have had the chance to take part in some epic events. I'll always be grateful for that and for the opportunities I've had. This new and different direction is exciting and a little frightening - but it won't stop me riding my bike and running! I'm hugely thankful to the sponsors who have supported me over the last years racing in multi-sport: NGI, Bond, GS Astuto, Sense Composites, OORR, Rotor, 3T, Healthspan Elite, 720 Armour, Salomon, and Wahoo. 




GCN sits alongside the Global Mountain Bike Network (GMBN), Global Triathlon Network (GTN), Electric Mountain Bike Network (EMBN), GCN Tech and GMBN Tech. Subscribe to GCN via YouTube and follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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Emma Pooley

Run to lake for swim

Date 05/08/2018
Distance 5.4km
Time 28:08
Pace 5.11/km

Morning Ride

Date 05/08/2018
Distance 115.2km
Time 5:16:31
Elevation 1,710m

Albula - Splügen

Date 04/08/2018
Distance 173.1km
Time 7:13:08
Elevation 3,807m
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