#fastandfemaleSUI at Swiss Cycling

#fastandfemaleSUI at Swiss Cycling

I’m not riding my bike as much as I used to, or even as much as I’d like... but that’s ok!

Because the reason is a job I’m excited and passionate about: project leader for #fastandfemaleSUI !

Launched just a month ago by Swiss Cycling  - I’m so proud to be part of this brilliant initiative.

•It’s a project which will help other women discover the sport I only found aged 20.
•A project encouraging women to take on new challenges, push their limits, and discover they’re stronger than they knew.
•A project supporting women who have the talent and determination to be the very best in the world.

#fastandfemaleSUI is only just getting started - but we already have a plan, a website, local cycling groups springing up all over Switzerland, and the first events of 2020 are open for registrations!

We have so much we want to do - and so much is possible...!

•Thanks to our ever-growing group of awesome female ride leaders.
•Thanks to the truly awesome women from sports, business, academia, and politics who back the project.
•Thanks to the brilliant examples who lead the way - we can learn so much from The Cyclists' Alliance, Vox Women's Cycling, Strongher, the Adventure Syndicate, Le Tour Entier, and the many inspiring individuals (men and women) who’ve done so much to improve women’s cycling.

•Thanks most of all to Swiss Cycling for trusting me with a role in the project. It’s awesome to be part of the Swiss cycling family and with the support of such great colleagues, everything is possible!

I know how lucky I am to have had the opportunities I did in road cycling - but the gender disparity in the sport has always troubled me. I consider "outspoken" to be a compliment even though it's often not meant that way...

Through #fastandfemaleSUI I hope to share the joy of cycling with many more women!



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Emma Pooley


Date 14/10/2019
Distance 10.1km
Time 52:39
Pace 5.11/km

Gravel roaming

Date 13/10/2019
Distance 100.6km
Time 6:24:05
Elevation 2,550m

Gravel roaming

Date 13/10/2019
Distance 100.6km
Time 6:24:05
Elevation 2,550m
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