Säuliämtler Sports Awards

Säuliämtler Sports Awards

Proud winner of the Miss Piggy category of my local Säuliämtler Sports Awards!

Well, almost ;-)

I’m thrilled to bits to have won the Säuliämtler Sportswoman of the Year 2017. It’s over 6 years since I moved here and I’m still delighted every day by the fantastic training options, the friendliness of my neighbours, and the support of village life (not least, the bike shop El Pedal, who helped me make the start line with a working bike more than once!).

I feel greatly honoured just to have been nominated for this award and never thought I’d win it. Thank you to all my friends here who voted!

It does feel fitting, as a tribute to a year when I re-found my happiness in sport and maybe even made peace (or a truce at least) with a few inner demons of doubt. 2017 is a season I can look back on with a tired smile at my failures, and a feeling of pride for getting a few races right. None of it would have been possible without the friendship, training company, and taste-testing of some awesome buddies (you know who you are!), and the support of my generous sponsors. Thank you!

Most especially I want to thank NGI, Bond Bike, and GS Astuto: because above and beyond their material support, they believed in and encouraged me at a point in my athletic career at the end of 2016 when, frankly, I didn’t believe in myself.

…and yes, also, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute is a wonderful organisation full of incredibly clever engineers and scientists with whom it was a privilege to work (a little) in Perth.

…and yes, also, I love my Bond bikes and how they feel to ride and the fact that they actually FIT me! I would recommend Bond Bike to anyone, but especially to any cyclist below average height who’s struggling to find a bike to fit them.

…and yes, also, GS Astuto wheels are the finest I’ve ever ridden and I’ve learned so much just listening to Tim talk about wheel technology. His 650c Sense Composites wheels are revolutionary for me as a small cyclist.

But mostly I’m grateful to NGI and Bond and GS Astuto for their encouragement. I hope I justified their confidence!

2017 was also a year when I started a few exciting new projects with Sense Composites and Pocket Porridge. I joined the Swiss Salomon Running team and reminded myself how exquisitely painful uphill running races can be - now I can’t wait to get stuck into more trail & mountain races! 2018 is going to hold some major changes and new challenges for me: watch this space…

PS - in 2018 I will also update my website with some photos and race reports. That’s not the major change though ;-)



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Emma Pooley


Date 14/10/2019
Distance 10.1km
Time 52:39
Pace 5.11/km

Gravel roaming

Date 13/10/2019
Distance 100.6km
Time 6:24:05
Elevation 2,550m

Gravel roaming

Date 13/10/2019
Distance 100.6km
Time 6:24:05
Elevation 2,550m
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