The Zegama-Aizkorri marathon was the hardest run I’ve ever experienced. My slowest and worst placing in a marathon. Also the best and most wonderful event I’ve ever done!

From misty forest to sunny meadows to towering ridges. From shin-deep mud slicks to rocky scrambling. From solitude and birdsong to thousands of cheering spectators, so loud that my ears hurt more than my legs and I could feel my spine tingle. I can confirm that the mud and steepness of Zegama are not exaggerated!

Thanks to those amazing athletes at the front for showing how to really, really run in the mountains. I am inspired. It was an honour to line up against you in the first race of the Golden Trail Series.

 The Vertical Kilometre on Friday evening went a bit better for me, with a second place.

I'm hoping the deep quad pain I've had for a few weeks now eases off despite the racing load. Time to take a bit of time off from running to recover...

Thanks Zegama for the lovely volunteers and awesome (literally) event.

And thanks Igor Quijano for the photo from the Vk.



Everesting... http://t.co/WudA6MklII

1 day ago

I expect Ed’s is less sweaty so if you have sensitive ears...stick to that one!

10 days ago

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Emma Pooley


Date 14/10/2019
Distance 10.1km
Time 52:39
Pace 5.11/km

Gravel roaming

Date 13/10/2019
Distance 100.6km
Time 6:24:05
Elevation 2,550m

Gravel roaming

Date 13/10/2019
Distance 100.6km
Time 6:24:05
Elevation 2,550m
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