Sports memoir & cookbook for portable oatmeal snacks

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As an Olympic cyclist, Emma got fed up with processed sports products and longed for real, tasty food. She developed a better way to fuel on the move, making her own snacks based on that breakfast of champions: oats.

In this cookbook she shares her recipes for portable nutrition. They are delicious, easy to bake at home, and perfect for on-the-go healthy snacking.

Alongside, Emma tells the story of her career as an athlete – from a childhood getting picked last at sports to clueless beginner cyclist, eventually reaching the heights of the Giro and Olympics and becoming world champion. Relatable and inspiring, she describes challenges as diverse as a paralysing fear of crashing, what it means to wear the wrong socks, outsized bikes for her short stature, race tactics, and sexism in cycling. Her adventures range from carrying her bike across the Pyrenees to setting a world record. From racing a gorilla to struggling with failure at the highest level in sport. Emma’s story will motivate everyone to explore their sporting and snacking potential. 

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Delicious oatmeal on-the-go!

Carrot cake oatmeal poffins - stuffed with orange frosting
Fig & walnut oatmeal loaf
Bakewell tart oatmeal poffins

Oat Of This World includes


  • 40 all-new recipes for active lifestyles: savoury, sweet, buns, muffins, and cookies
  • Great-tasting oat-based snacks: on-the-move or as a healthy dessert option at home
  • All recipes gluten-free, with easy vegan adaptations
  • Inspiring, motivating, real-life stories of snacking and sport

Oat Of This World brings world champion nutrition to everyday athletes. This cookbook of whole-food, on-the-go snacks is perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle. Based on oats – a simple breakfast superfood – all the recipes can be easily adapted to gluten-free and vegan diets. Perfect for your next sporting event, training, the daily commute, or kids’ lunchboxes.